DESIGN CLIQUE, is a Design based firm that focuses its energies on giving its Clients the best in design that can be from the Sketch to the final Product.

Something about us

We proudly bring extensive international experience to our projects through our in-depth research, which provides a substantial resource of new ideas, design techniques, as well as a broad spectrum of distinctive products... all contributing to the distinctive nature of each project.

Design Clique is committed to integrating the principles of sustainable design into all aspects of its practice. The firm pledges to educate all employees and clients about sustainable design and to initiate a dialogue about environmental impact and sustainable alternatives both within the firm and with our clients and suppliers. We prefer to be involved in every aspect of a project design. By designing a total guest experience, we ensure that the desired message is communicated throughout and in the most efficient manner.

By blending experience, innovation and solid business principles, Design Clique creates products that define luxury and elegance, delivering an unforgettable experience.

Our Mission

To provide the most stunning products...totally personalized just for you. We design products that work....the kind you can’t ignore.

Our Vision

To share a vision of excellence with our clients and ensure that every project is carefully managed.

What we offer?

We offer the best and latest in terms of the materials and technology we use to make sure the final product is up-to-date and can compete in any market.

Qualitiy matters!

We are continuously in-touch with the development of materials and the trends used so as to give our clients the latest and best quality products that can be offered by anyone else.